Rambling, fumbling.

Renew, revive.

It’s crazy to see a whole new dot com for the group… or any dot com, for that matter. I’m getting used to it just like you are, and I like it! Kudos to Angela for getting this thing started.

It’s rebuilding time around here, and I feel a sense of renewal. It’s a time for optimism, and measured movement; so long as all of the movement is forward, every step, no matter how small, is crucial.


I had an exchange recently that encapsulates it best: “Reassembling my pedalboard is acknowledgment that I still have some sort of belief in this. I am effectively gearing up for war.”
“I love it!!! War is right. War with others plus war with the really rude voice in your head that whisper-shouts WHY BOTHER. I miss you playing guitar and getting to see you perform. You’re a great frontperson.”

It was once said, “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded,” and I do feel it deeply. It’s so weird to me… but not at all unwelcome.

I’ll try to update often, no matter how minute or immense; I am better suited to the blog format over social media posts, anyway, though those are not without value.

Thank you for that perfect day.



  • Rabbit

    I distinctly remember a printed message on the wall of the first practice space I stepped foot in, an ode to the great wheel of life the spins into both the trenches and the heavens. A proverb I’ve long forgotten, but in reading this passage, I’m reminded of its light and heavy truth.

    Its refreshing to read your ramblings.

    Good luck.

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